Today, Wi-Fi has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. It has entwined itself in our daily lives in such a way that, a life without Wi-Fi is unthinkable. It is everywhere like some omnipresent god.

I like to call Wi-Fi as the “God of All Technologies” because like God, Wi-Fi is everywhere and makes everything happen.

While many of us don’t believe in God, we cant afford to not believe in Wi-Fi.

Even the logo of Wi-Fi, has a Chinese philosophy flavor to it. …

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Watching as many TV series as possible took a new meaning for me in 2020. Though everyone wants to forget 2020 for you know what, I want to remember it for some of the best content that I have seen since my introduction to on-demand video. Among all the amazing content that I consumed, ‘The Sopranos’ hit me like a wrecking ball but in a good way. I had always known and read about The Sopranos and it kept popping up in many TV series related discussions I used to have with my friends and colleagues. I had always wanted…

Everytime we read about the advancements in AI, the futuristic and dystopian scenes from the Matrix Trilogy pop-up in our heads. A bleak future where intelligent machines have taken over humanity. Prominent scientists, CEOs, entrepreneurs and policy makers have commented on a future where humans and advance AI exist together. However, majority of these quotes have a cautionary undertone. We need to move away from such notions of AI and look at it as a technology that can be used for good. AI as a technology can become a very useful tool that helps in the betterment of the society.

Vikram Deo

books, TV series, photography give me happiness

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